Religious Life

Friday, April 14, 2006

Out with the Old, IN with the NEW

Dear Readers,

If you may have realized that this blog was once deleted and now re-opened. There is a reason for that I know! I deleted all my posts from the original blog I started that way I could focus what is ahead for me in my life between now and this fall! It's all a preparation for me, with the Best intentions to help me better Serve Our Lord. It's all a spiritual growth for me now and tons of sacrifices are being made in my life on the internet, at home, at work and in everything else I do in my life.

I started a NEW blog, but instead of writting anything down as if it was a journal, I posted pictures instead. As they as pictures are worth a thousand words. And every picture tells a certain story without any words. So here is the link to my blog, PICTURE PERFECT . PLease leave comments if you wish and if you find a interesting picture feel free to send it for me to post on the new site!!

God Bless and take care!!

In Him,
Sixtina Nicolette